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Services Offered:

Dentistry in Laguna Hills Dental Arts

Preventive and General Dentistry

Dr. Kashani is the General Dentist Patients Trusts

Proper preventive care is the cornerstone of a healthy smile. As a concerned general dentist, Dr. Kashani wants her patients to avoid dental problems. She offers informative educational tools and quality therapies to keep mouths healthy and strong.

Six-month checkups are essential for keeping a smile strong and healthy. At your checkup, Dr. Kashani will examine your teeth for decay or damage and assess your gums for signs of periodontal disease. She will suggest therapies for prevention or treatment, always fully explaining her findings and directing you to valuable online tools, such as our website library, where you can learn even more.

Review our general dentistry and preventive dentistry services, and then call our Laguna Hills dental office today to schedule an appointment with your general dentist, Dr. Kashani. We offer comprehensive care and personalized service for magnificent smiles.